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Retractable Reels hold pens, markers, carpenter's pencil, crayon, and more, Never hunt for a pencil again Easily clips on your belt, pocket or shirt.



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What is Retractable Pen?

It's a pencil, pen, crayon or marker holder that clips onto your belt, pocket or shirt. It eliminates you ever having to look for a pen or pencil again.


In this hi-tech communication world with every one having cell phones on there side you never know when you'll receive a phone call or a text message requiring you to write some thing down, leaving you scrambling looking for a pen or pencil. Always have one with in arms reach!!


Does your job require you to be on the move then bring retractable pen with you so you can always be prepared knowing you have one with in arms reach. Finally you can go and buy that favorite pen, pencil or marker knowing you'll have it for ever, never again having to worry about losing it or dropping it.


We've all been in those situations where we have needed to write or mark some thing down and went to reach for our pen or pencil and it wasn't there, leaving you scrambling wondering where it is, realizing you've lost it or left it some where. Retractable pen will eliminate this from ever happening again. You'll finally run your pen dry or use your pencil until it's to short to sharpen any more.



Lasso Advantage

We here at Pencil Push have taken the idea of adding a pen or pencil to a retractable device to another level, by implementing a new advanced feature called the "Lasso" it allows you to lasso many more useful items that the pencil push can not, due to its girth limitations. Whether its a carpenters pencil, lumber crayon, pepper spray, billiards chalk, lighter, keys, chap stick, flash drive, or pocket knife etc. the lasso can be wrapped around it and tightened keeping it with in arms reach at all time. The Pencil Push original still holds every day pens and pencils, but do to its girth restrictions, we have needed to add the Lasso.  read more.












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